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 +Complete the given elements in the grid to two race tracks (a race track and a much shorter test track) with pitlane and parking lot. The elements below and to the left of the grid indicate how many straights, curves and intersections are located in the respective columns and rows. The pit lane is always located next to four straights of the circuit on a free area of 1x4 cells. At the end, the parking lot is located on the only free area of 2x2 cells. Both can not be built on a gravel trap. Here’s a little self-explanatory example:
 +    \resukosetup{rows=8,​columns=8,​width=5.8cm,​fontsize=Huge,​scale=.708}
 +    \begin{resuko}[width=7.4cm]
 +      \resukocell{1}{7}{\Graveltrap}
 +      \resukocell{4}{7}{\Graveltrap}
 +      \resukocell{7}{3}{\Graveltrap}
 +      \resukocell{6}{2}{\Cross}
 +      \resukocell{8}{4}{\StraightV}
 +      \resukocell{6}{7}{\StraightH}
 +      \resukocell{3}{5}{\CurveBR}
 +      \resukocell{5}{5}{\CurveTR}
 +      \trackH{1/​4/​0,​4/​0/​0,​3/​2/​0,​2/​2/​0,​3/​2/​0,​3/​2/​1,​2/​2/​2,​2/​4/​0}
 +      \trackV{4/​2/​0,​5/​2/​1,​2/​0/​0,​2/​4/​0,​2/​4/​1,​4/​2/​0,​1/​2/​1,​0/​2/​0}
 +      \framepuzzle
 +    \end{resuko}
 +    \hspace{1.5cm}
 +    \begin{resuko}
 +      \resukocell{1}{7}{\Graveltrap}
 +      \resukocell{4}{7}{\Graveltrap}
 +      \resukocell{7}{3}{\Graveltrap}
 +      \parkinglot{2}{7}
 +      \pitlane{2}{3}{H}
 +      \track{\tikzpath{2}{4}{6,​8,​6,​8,​4,​4,​4,​2,​2,​6}}
 +      \track{\xtikzpath{2}{1}{6/​4,​8/​3,​6/​1,​8/​4,​6/​1,​2/​1,​4/​3,​2/​2,​6/​3,​2/​3,​4/​7,​2/​1,​6/​1}}
 +      \framepuzzle
 +    \end{resuko}
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